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Episode 5: Star Wars, The Sony Hack, and Fresh Air

We’re back! After a wee hiatus the gang is excited to discuss the new Star Wars, reminisce about the Sony hack of 2014, and delve in that very weird part of the internet where you can buy Canadian air in China. Featured Beer: Steamworks’ Pale Ale

Listen —> Episode 5: Star Wars, The Sony Hack, and Fresh Air


Episode 4: Fun with Beer, Stanley Yelnats, and Umbrellas

Episode 4: This week the gang discusses some oddities in contemporary beer culture, expresses both confusion and amusement over the enigmatic Shia Labeouf, and attempts to stay dry. Featured Beer: Bridge Brewing’s All Out Stout.

Listen —> Episode 4: Fun with Beer, Stanley Yelnats, and Umbrellas

Episode 3: Kurt Cobain’s Hair, The Original iPod, and Celeb Chefs

Episode 3: The trio tries to remember Halloween, finds out where you can buy Bill Shatner’s kidney stones and other famous paraphernalia, celebrates the first iPod’s 14th anniversary, and marvels at the rise of the modern celebrity chef. Featured Beer: Big Rock’s Cherry Farini.

Listen —> Episode 3: Kurt Cobain’s Hair, The Original iPod, and Celeb Chefs

Episode 2: Canada on Fleek, Retro Movies, and Fake Girlfriends

Episode 2: The gang chats about Canada’s big week (Blue Jays, National Election, Hotline Bling), the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, Back To The Future Day, and a website that lets you build a girl/boyfriend (yes, that’s a real thing). Featured beer: Moody Ales’ Chipper Blonde Ale.

Listen —> Episode 2: Canada On Fleek, Retro Movies, and Fake Girlfriends

Episode 1: B.J. Novak, Gloves, and Halloween

Episode 1: We talk about B.J. Novak’s new app (The List App), Daniel Storto (a glovemaker who just happens to live in Gloversville, New York), and Halloween (spooooooky). Featured beer: Dageraad Brewing’s Wet-Hopped Blonde Ale.

Listen —> Episode 1: BJ Novak, Gloves, and Halloween

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